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Security Monitoring

Business Introduction

As one of the fundamental and important businesses of Beijing Wenhao Homer, security system business offers related products and system solutions of integrated security management systems of security sub-systems centralizing on video image management platform, such as digital-analogue module, compatibility warning, access control, smart analysis, etc.

Based on customer demands, Wenhao Homer attaches great importance to industrial development trend and introduces proprietary brand APEX. Hence, we are able to offer analogue high speed domes, medium speed domes, IP high speed domes, megapixel smart HD IP domes; ultra-wide dynamic range, IR, HD IR, HLC, ultra-low light, megapixel HD cameras; anti-riot domes, IP color domes, elevator cameras, and special cameras such as pinhole cameras and wide-angle cameras; mpeg2/4 and H.264 encoders, developed universal decoders able to decode various mainstream encoding formats, multi-way LTE, DVR able to meet various demands, network storage servers, platform software, etc.

In 2009, the Company began to act as the sole agency of American VideoIQ Inc. for smart cameras and encoders which had large storage capacity, put forward new methods, relieved network bandwidth and resolved the problem of image loss due to network disconnection.

Successful Cases

Beijing Capital International Airport Project

Bank of China Headquarter Project

Beijing Station Monitoring System Project

Video Security Monitoring System Project of Beijing West Station

Security Monitoring System Project of Beijing CCECC Plaza

Video Monitoring System Project of Beijing Municipal Public Security Sub-bureau and Local Police Station

Monitoring System Project of Xicheng District, Beijing

Beijing Command Centre Project

Beijing Zoo Traffic Hub Project

Beijing Criminal Investigation Building Project

Emergency Response and Command Centre Project of Haidian District, Beijing

Beijing Safe City Project

Beijing Street Office Projects

Monitoring System Project of Shichahai Street Office of Xicheng District, Beijing

Beijing Financial Street Monitoring System Project

Safe City Projects in Some Districts of Shanghai

Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre Project

Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Centre Project

Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Project

National Development and Reform Committee Project

Project of Prison directly under Ministry of Justice

Project of Guangzhou Metro Line One, Two, Three, Four and Five

Guangzhou 110 Social Interaction Command Centre Project (P1, P2 and P3)

District Video System Project of Guangzhou Development District

Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Building Project

Guangzhou Traffic Police Project

Guangzhou TV Broadcasting Station Project

Monitoring System Projects of Guangzhou Public Security Bureau (Panyu District Public Security Sub-bureau, Baiyun District Public Security Sub-bureau, Zengcheng District Public Security Sub-bureau, Tianhe District Public Security Sub-bureau, Railway Station Local Police Station, Huadu District Public Security Sub-bureau, etc.)

Video Monitoring System Project of Liuhua District, Guangzhou

Hebei Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. Project

Security Monitoring System Project of Hebei Provincial Department of Commerce

Monitoring System Project of Hebei Provincial Women’s Prison

Defense, Wiring and Conference System Project of No.2 Hospital of Hebei Medical University (P1 and P2)

Hebei Provincial Museum Project

Weak Current System Project of Fuyang Apartment, Hebei Province

Security System Project of No.2 Long-distance Telecommunications Hub Building, Shijiazhuang

Monitoring and Warning System Project of Yuhua District Government, Shijiazhuang

Security System Project of China CITIC Bank, Shijiazhuang Branch

Baoding Telecom Hub Weak Current System Expansion Project, Hebei Province

Weak Current System Expansion and Monitoring System Project of Baoding Telecom Hub

Handan Safe City Project

Camera Monitoring System Project of Incoming and Outgoing Material Weighing of Handan Iron and Steel Company

Revolving Furnace Monitoring System Project of Xuanhua Iron and Steel Company

Dongsi Station Partial Monitoring System Project of Xuanhua Iron and Steel Company

Blast Furnace Monitoring System Project of Xuanhua Iron and Steel Company

Dongxi Warehouse Monitoring and Networking System Project of Xuanhua Iron and Steel Company

Command Centre Building Project of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau

Nanjing Municipal Traffic Police Brigade Project

Nanjing Municipal Traffic Police Project

Hexi Command Centre Project of Transport Department of Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau

Xi’an Municipal Traffic Police Project

Lanzhou Municipal Traffic Police Command Centre Project

110 Command Centre Monitoring Project of Lanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

Kunming Safe City Project of Yunnan Province

Jinan Safe City Project of Shandong Province