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New Energy & Environmental Projection

Business Introduction

It mainly engages in technical research, technical consultation and service, product development and production, engineering design and construction, international exchange and cooperation of energy and environment. Core businesses include sewage treatment, garbage disposal, desulfuration, denitration, energy conservation, emission reduction, frequency conversion and electricity conservation. We uphold the mission of “Leading Development and Sustainable Development”, and rely on diversified industries and international business model to actively promote the transformation and development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China. We have also established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign enterprises, especially with enterprises and design institutes in Hebei Province. With a professional technical and management team up to international standard composed of senior engineers, professors, masters and doctors, we take “Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection” as our own responsibility and uphold the business philosophy of “Put People First and Serve the Society”, committed to the industrialization and commercialization of Energy and Environmental Science as well as the specialization, standardization and modernization of the Company.

Scope of Application

Applicable to investment, construction and operation of urban running water, sewage and household garbage treatment plant; contracting and equipment operation of industrial waste water and industrial water treatment projects.

Engineering Service

Entrusted by the owners, we undertake overall process or multi-phase contracting on prospecting, design, sourcing, construction, commissioning (completion acceptance) of engineering project as agreed in the contract. As the contractor, we will be responsible for the overall process construction and management of the engineering construction, transforming the respective contractual relations between the owner and design, construction, equipment supply and management consulting companies into the only contractual relation between the owner and our Company.

Operations Management

Entrusting environmental protection facilities to professional operators is a business mode able to create win-win for government, enterprise and water industry investors, representing the marketized management of municipal administration and industrial sewage treatment facilities in the world today. As a professional water environmental protection company, our Company is able to help government and enterprises easily cope with increasingly stricter environmental protection requirements. With professional management and technical service, marketized operations management can effectively reduce the cost of sewage treatment, improve service efficiency and extend the service life of sewage treatment facilities. Further, we are advantageous in technology, remote online management, visualization management, standardization management, rolling budget, centralized sourcing, etc.

Key Achievements

Baoding Lugang Sewage Treatment and Rejuvenated Water Recycling Project

Boiler Feed Water System Project of Xibaipo Power Plant, Hebei Province

Waste Water and Recycled Water Recycling Project of Tanggu Development District, Tianjin

Water Treatment Project of Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.

Water Works Project of Hangzhou Bay Development District, Zhejiang Province

Hefei Changfeng Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Anhui Province

Hefei Feidong Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Anhui Province

Hefei Sifang Sewage Pump Station Project, Anhui Province

Xuancheng Langxi Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Anhui Province

Tianhai Water Works Project of Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area, Anhui Province

Xihai Water Works Project of Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area, Anhui Province

Funan County Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Anhui Province

Lu'an Chengbei Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Anhui Province (Project Funded by Treasury Bond)

Changshu Binjiang Sewage Treatment Plant Project, Jiangsu Province

Sewage Treatment Project of Jinhui Coke Plant, Shanxi Province

Zhunneng Sewage Treatment Plant Project of Shenhua Group, Inner Mongolia

Zhunneng Water Works Project of Shenhua Group, Inner Mongolia

Water Treatment Project of Ningxia Coal Industry Group, Ningxia

Daqing Lahua Water Treatment Project