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Structural Safety Monitoring

Business Introduction

Structural health monitoring is to detect structural characteristic change, indentify structural damage and structural performance degradation, modify structural model and make safety assessment and early warning with site lossless sensing and structural system characteristic analysis (including structural reaction). Beijing Wenhao Homer Tec., Co., Ltd. has introduced world-leading structural monitoring and maintenance system- Optical Strand Monitoring System (OSMOS) from France. Committed to ensuring absolute safety of infrastructure, OSMOS has become the undisputed leader within the industry.

Product Strength

With OSMOS, you can say goodbye to accidents in engineering construction as it is a perfect management tool.

All civil engineering structures such as bridges, dams, tunnels, utility buildings etc are aging. Yet the aging and fatigue of these structures can’t be perceived by our eyes. Any structure is faced with risk no matter it is caused by premature fatigue of the structure or improper construction. As what the experts say, no building is 100% safe. 

OSMOS will remove any uncertainty. No more accidents in bridge construction or any other civil engineering. Incomprehensive insight into actual conditions of the structures usually results from late effect or pure theoretical consideration. Corresponding measures have been taken but in vain.

Generally speaking, OSMOS is able to provide new practical plan in line with actual conditions upon a certain period of monitoring on the signs of the structure after indentifying the target.

For those who are responsible for pubic security such as principles of related departments and civil architecture engineers, care and maintenance of infrastructure is of great significance. OSMOS offers convenient and feasible security detection technology to meet their demands.

What Risks?

Construction Error
Out of Specifications
Monitoring Error
Unfounded Concern

Why Control?

Plan the Future to Realize Sustainable Development

What Results?

Provide expert report on controversial issues

Offer scientific and objective explanation

Organize defense and avoid emergency

Conduct optimal re-investment

Extend the service life of architectural structures
Just imagine how nice it would be to have a vigilant guard constantly and permanently monitoring the health of your architectural engineering structure.

Just as a guard, the sensitive detector constantly monitors and records the stability of the whole architectural structure.

Internal stress, periodic strain or any other abnormity will be detected before any substantiated damage is caused. To some extent, it is a monitoring sensor to monitor internal lesion of the structure.

It can not only accurately predict dangers, but also help to make the right remedial action in the right time. Only having all stresses and stains monitored can you fully know the health and internal structure of the architectural structure and external impact on the structure.

The evaluation of OSMOS affects your object of maintenance as well as specific actions to be taken. We provide the most effective solution of your architectural structure as well as the opportunity to achieve maximum success.

90% architectural structure perceived from appearance
90% problems answered through detection
90% reconstruction cost saved

Optical Strand Monitoring System (OSMOS)

The management of risk monitoring is a constant and comprehensive process.

It is a powerful diagnostic tool instead of a miraculous technology. To evaluate a construction, we not only rely on pure theoretical calculation or sampling research, but also analyze the actual internal structural stress state of the whole construction. Our monitoring system is able to constantly keep track of the actual static model and dynamic model of the structure. Various internal subtle changes of the structure will be recorded through uninterrupted monitoring, and timely detected before substantiated damage is caused. 

By far, only OSMOS is able to provide real time safety monitoring for architectural structure of large-scale civil engineering projects. Structural safety and risk control have become increasingly important parts of daily life. Hence, high-efficiency OSMOS stands out from the crowd.

Any architectural structure has weaknesses which affect its durability.

Simplicity, reliability, accuracy and flexibility are four strengths shown by OSMOS in making accurate and reliable diagnosis. All monitoring data including normal characteristics, development trend, accidents and acting force in operation will be included in the process as the assurance of quality, safety and profitability.

Global Demands

Durability is the most crucial link to measure the health state of architecture.

OSMOS System Process
1. OSMOS indentifies problems and demands, and provides appropriate solutions.
2. OSMOS installs unique monitoring facilities within 15 days.
3. OSMOS analyzes monitoring results and makes professional report which will serve as the important basis to control and reduce sensing facilities to be installed in follow-up work.
4. OSMOS accurately indentifies problems and provides appropriate solutions. 90% problems will have been answered and resolved no matter long-term monitoring is conducted or not.
5. Even if there is a long-standing problem, we are able to provide solutions. Tracking monitoring will ensure safety and control cost.

Bremen Harbor Swing Bridge of Germany

Built in 1929, the Bridge carries two railways and one two-lane road. A fatigue strength research on this Bridge indicates that the function of some components has degraded. OSMOS is able to identify the actual fatigue strength of the construction, maintain and strengthen it to required safety level. 

TUV-Rheinland Group has installed monitoring equipment in that bridge.

OSMOS- Bridge: problematic constructions?

—  We never had such a problem!

New York Broadway- Nassau

A metro tunnel running under Fulton Street in New York was affected by the construction of a seven-storey building nearby.

Worried about the adverse effect of the construction, New York Metro Department demanded that Urbitran install OSMOS to ensure the normal and safe operation of metro tunnel.

As New York metro system runs overnight, OSMOS can only be installed during the 20 minutes interval between two shifts. This system can be installed in one night due to the easy installation procedures of fiber optic sensors.