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Milestone Events

In March 2000, Beijing Wenhao was established; relying on quality products and integrated video monitoring solutions Wenhao Yonglian has won the bidding of Guangzhou Metro Line One and gradually become the industry front runner;

In 2001, Wenhao introduced Diamond and MAX1000 security products to the prison directly under Ministry of Justice and Shijiazhuang No. 2 Telecommunications Hub Building (which was the tallest landmark building in Hebei Province), securing Wenhao’s position as the industry front runner;

In 2002, Beijing Wenhao excelled in the industry with outstanding performance and good reputation to be the first-level agent of Max1000 video matrix and KD6 speed dome products of Honeywell in China;

In 2003, Beijing Wenhao cooperated with Honeywell Security and made it one of the top ten security product brands in China; the Company also won the bidding of Guangzhou 110 Command Centre and Guangzhou Metro Line Two;

In 2004, the Company established a brand new business line of industrial automation, and cooperated with American renowned company Emerson Process Management to make outstanding contributions to 2000 M3 Blast Furnace Renovation Project of Handan Iron and Steel Group; Guangzhou Branch was established, marking a new chapter of Beijing Wenhao;

In 2005, Wenhao relied on industrial experience over the years to independently develop APEX digital security products which were widely used in Guangzhou 110 Command Centre, Guangzhou Metro and other projects,  showing remarkable performance; Industrial Automation Control Department was officially established, marking Beijing Wenhao’s  orientation towards diversified development;

In 2006 and 2007, the Company cooperated with world-renowned enterprises ABB, Schneider and Emerson, and successively undertook 120 T Revolving Furnace, EIC complete equipment, multi-blast furnace system, coking system and other industrial projects; Security Department established Offices in Chengdu, Wuhan and Shanghai, expanding marketing areas in West China, Central China and East China; Honeywell Security- MAX1000 Maintenance Centre in China was established, introducing MAX1000 products and philosophy to every corner of China;

In October 2007, Beijing Wenhao was invited to Face-to-Face Interaction Program of Beijing TV Station; sharing the great vision of “Safe China and Harmonious Society” made Wenhao members feel the calling of great mission;

On the occasion of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Wenhao extended “Safe City” network to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Kunming, Beijing, etc., providing key security equipment and installation guidance; the Company also won the bidding of Guangzhou Metro Line 5 and Shenzhen Metro Line 1 and Line 2; on July 30, Olympic Torch was passed to Tangshan and Wenhao APEX speed domes and Honeywell KD6 speed domes represented by us were chosen as security products in the place where Tangshan Olympic Torch was stored; during the Olympic Games, Wenhao undertook security duty in Yangshan Bridge Security Centre, Badaling Great Wall Surveillance Centre, Chongwen District, Xuanwu District, Mentougou District, Daxing District and Miyun District, assigning technicians to stick to their posts;

In 2009, to be well prepared for Asian Games and Shanghai World Expo, Metro Department and Public Security Department were in desperate need of impeccable security system; With APEX brand more developed and industrial control business greatly expanded, Wenhao gradually extended to mining, coal, pharmaceuticals and other industries; meanwhile, Environmental Projection Department was established in response to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction by the country;

On June 8, 2010, the Company was renamed as Beijing Wenhao Homer Tec., Co., Ltd.; Wenhao shifted its focus to Asian Games after Beijing Olympic Games and gradually towards industrial automation, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction in response to the call of commitment to industrial development and promoting environmental protection by the country; marching forward step by step in the past ten years has made us realize qualitative leap. Equal efforts to develop three major industries have gained us geometric business growth, winning the attention from more industries as well as various national professional qualification certificates.

Looking back to the past ten years, we have made great achievements; we will strive ahead in confidence to score more achievements and make another fruitful ten years of Wenhao.