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Enterprise Culture

Corporate Culture

Sincerity, Confidence, Diligence and Perseverance 

We attach great importance to initiative.

We regard men as fortunes with the greatest appreciation potential.

We believe that there is always a force behind every historical leap - men.

We take technology as a tool, an opportunity, a drive and a force to change the world. And men should be the masters of technology, either as the developers to promote progress of science or the beneficiaries to enjoy life changes brought by technology.

We are convinced that helping others is to help ourselves. We may not be giants, yet what we do can help giants grow. And we can step on the shoulders of giants to help us reach for the brightest star.

We value morality over capability. Hence we attach importance to moral consciousness and take it as the essence. 

We respect and treasure every fresh idea. We are convinced that every little idea will develop into a big idea. Therefore, we aim to be its guardian through providing it with rain and soil and sheltering it from the sun and wind.