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Business Scope

Industrial Control

Business Overview

Industrial control automation technology is a comprehensive technology applying control theory, instrument, computer and other information technologies to realize inspection, control, optimization, dispatching, management and decision-making in industrial production for output expansion, quality improvement, consumption reduction, safety assurance, etc. Composed of industrial automation software, hardware and system, industrial control automation technology is orienting towards intelligent, networked and integrated development.

Security Monitoring

Business Introduction

As one of the fundamental and important businesses of Beijing Wenhao Homer, security system business offers related products and system solutions of integrated security management systems of security sub-systems centralizing on video image management platform, such as digital-analogue module, compatibility warning, access control, smart analysis, etc.

Based on customer demands, Wenhao Homer attaches great importance to industrial development trend and introduces proprietary brand APEX. Hence, we are able to offer analogue high speed domes, medium speed domes, IP high speed domes, megapixel smart HD IP domes; ultra-wide dynamic range, IR, HD IR, HLC, ultra-low light, megapixel HD cameras; anti-riot domes, IP color domes, elevator cameras, and special cameras such as pinhole cameras and wide-angle cameras; mpeg2/4 and H.264 encoders, developed universal decoders able to decode various mainstream encoding formats, multi-way LTE, DVR able to meet various demands, network storage servers, platform software, etc.

In 2009, the Company began to act as the sole agency of American VideoIQ Inc. for smart cameras and encoders which had large storage capacity, put forward new methods, relieved network bandwidth and resolved the problem of image loss due to network disconnection.

New Energy & Environmental Projection

Business Introduction

It mainly engages in technical research, technical consultation and service, product development and production, engineering design and construction, international exchange and cooperation of energy and environment. Core businesses include sewage treatment, garbage disposal, desulfuration, denitration, energy conservation, emission reduction, frequency conversion and electricity conservation. We uphold the mission of “Leading Development and Sustainable Development”, and rely on diversified industries and international business model to actively promote the transformation and development of energy conservation and environmental protection in China. We have also established long-term cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign enterprises, especially with enterprises and design institutes in Hebei Province. With a professional technical and management team up to international standard composed of senior engineers, professors, masters and doctors, we take “Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection” as our own responsibility and uphold the business philosophy of “Put People First and Serve the Society”, committed to the industrialization and commercialization of Energy and Environmental Science as well as the specialization, standardization and modernization of the Company.

Structural Safety Monitoring

Business Introduction

Structural health monitoring is to detect structural characteristic change, indentify structural damage and structural performance degradation, modify structural model and make safety assessment and early warning with site lossless sensing and structural system characteristic analysis (including structural reaction). Beijing Wenhao Homer Tec., Co., Ltd. has introduced world-leading structural monitoring and maintenance system- Optical Strand Monitoring System (OSMOS) from France. Committed to ensuring absolute safety of infrastructure, OSMOS has become the undisputed leader within the industry.

Wireless Network Communication

Business Introduction

European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) is the global leader in aerospace, defense and related service areas. As an integral part of Defense and Security System Department of EADS, EADS Secure Networks is a world-leading digital trunk supplier.

EADS acquired Nokia Trunk Communication Business Department in September 2005 and thus became the global leading supplier and the biggest supplier of TETRA. In April 2008, EADS purchased American and Canadian leading emergency response solution and service provider PlantCM, making EADS Secure Networks the only one global leading supplier integrating professional wireless communication, security defense and command centre solutions within the industry.

TETRA is a digital trunked standard established by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in 2000. Open and advanced technology, good compatibility of equipment from different manufacturers and world-wide recognition make it the technical mechanism with the largest scope of deployment, most users and widest application.